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To get the best long term performance results from your new windows, it is important that your new windows are installed properly. Proper installation not only help you save on your energy bill and cost of the project, it can help to revive your home interior and exterior look.

There are three (3) different window replacement types and they are: 1) Brick-to-Brick 2) Retrofit 3) Stud-to-Stud. See below for more details.

Let us help you to decide the best route to take depending on your home’s age, condition, build materials, budget and schedule.


  • Old frame and insulations are completely removed and replaced with new window frame and insulation
  • Maximized energy saving
  • Allows to upgrade the look of the window both inside and outside with brickmold, casing and jamb extension options


  • Also called pocket installation
  • Do not replaces existing frame of the old window
  • Ideal for older homes which has historical character both inside and outside
  • Cost efficient compared to Brick-to-Brick and Stud-to-Stud options


  • Similar to Brick-to-Brick installation option without brickmold around the window
  • Aluminum flashing with caulking and foam insulation is utilized for exterior finish
  • Maximized energy saving as Brick-to-Brick installation option
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